Finally after 26 years, someone has answered the question, “How do we get more business?” —Marshall Waller, Partner, Family Law, Calabasas, CA

A truly mind blowing experience! Two days of non-stop useful and practical information that have revolutionized my ideas about the business of law. —Mario Pacione, Esq., Trust and Estates, Lancaster, CA

The money spent here this weekend will come back at least 10 fold. The one thing that you will learn is that it’s simple, easy if you just simply follow steps, you will increase your business through marketing which falls into place. And you don’t have to do it; you can have your staff do it! Unbelievable. —Geoffrey Evers, Esq., Partner, Real Estate & Business

Stephen Fairley presents a clear and compelling path to marketing success. His tips on making rain will leave you needing an umbrella wherever you go! —Jonathan Pink, JD, Partner (Costa Mesa, CA)

It has taken me 30 years of trial & error to learn many of the techniques that Stephen Fairley taught us in 1 evening! This is an incredibly focused and practical seminar. —Michael Pfiefer, Esq., Managing Partner (Santa Ana, CA)

From our very first consultation, Stephen Fairley demonstrated to me that he’s an ‘Eighth Degree Black Belt’ in marketing for attorneys. He knows the game, and has opened up for me a horizon of increased and improved marketing for which I’ve been looking for at least the last five years. He thinks big. He knows the game and how to win at it. I strongly recommend him as a marketing consultant for law firms. —Robert Brennan, Esq. Personal Injury & Lemon Law (CA)

This presentation was worth far more than the money I paid. I would absolutely recommend the program to any lawyer who wants to increase business! — Joseph Fazio, Partner (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Unbelievable value for the significant information!—Scott Edgett, Partner, Personal Injury & Catastrophic Injuries, Dallas, TX

Law Firm Marketing Strategies from a Nationally Recognized Law Firm
Marketing Expert and #1 Best-selling Author

As an Attorney at a small law firm would you like to….

Create a 7 figure practice with clients who value your expertise and respect you as a trusted advisor

Change your practice into a business that automatically attracts more and better clientseven when you're on vacation

Build a lifestyle business that gives you the freedom to have the life you desire and deserve

If this sounds like you then keep reading…

The truth is, most attorneys need to make some serious changes to how they run their law practice if they want to…

  • Stop trading your time for money…and Start pricing based on your value
  • Stop working with clients who drain you…and Start attracting clients you love
  • Stop working harder for the same revenues…and Start getting real results
  • Stop having a business that runs your life…and Start running a profitable business

  "Finally after 26 years, someone has answered the question, “How do we get more business?"
Marshall Waller, Partner, Family Law, Calabasas, CA
How to Create a 7 Figure Practice Using a Proven Law Firm Marketing System

My name is Stephen Fairley and since 1998 I have personally coached and trained over 9,000 attorneys to create financially successful and personally satisfying legal practices.

I've talked to thousands of attorneys just like you who have felt burned out, exhausted, and frustrated with their clients, their partners, and their practices. Many of them tried everything …

They spent thousands on Yellow Page ads…Tens of thousands on television and radio…Joining every networking group they could find…Giving CLE programs to their local bar…

And still didn’t get the results they hoped for. If you have a similar story I have some great news…

There is a better way and we can show you the way!
  "This presentation was worth far more than the money I paid. I would absolutely recommend the program to any lawyer who wants to increase business! "
Joseph Fazio, Partner (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

The Rainmaker Marketing System is specifically designed to help small and solo law firms leverage their expertise and automate their marketing so they can attract more and better clients and create a 7 figure lifestyle business.

What our clients have found after applying our proven law firm marketing system was a…

  • Renewed sense of purpose and passion about being a lawyer
  • Realistic vision for creating a business that supports their lifestyle
  • Recharging of their level of excitement about building their law practice
  • Restoration of hope that things can be different
  • Refreshing perspective on how top Rainmakers create a 7 figure practice
  "This was one of the best spent hours in training that I have had in over 20 years of practicing law. Practical and priceless for improving your practice and your life."
Susan Ann Koenig (Omaha, NE)
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